About Peter Maybarduk

Peter Maybarduk is a Washington, D.C.-based songwriter and a human rights lawyer.

On Service and Justice

The Office of Community Engagement at The College of William & Mary invited me to speak at the Active Citizens Conference this year, which gathered about two hundred students and faculty from a number of states. I spoke about the relationship between service work and justice work, drawing on my own experiences as a student at William & Mary and our more recent work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here are a few minutes from the conclusion of conclusion of my talk.  



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          Lake Poopo, present and ancestral home to many Uros communities, dried up this summer due to a mix of El Nino patterns, water diverted for agricultural exports, and climate change. Weeks before the announcement I stayed with Uros friends on Isla … Continue reading

Aloha TPP


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Several years’ work has brought us finally to the island of Maui. Twelve nations have sent ministers and delegations here to attempt to conclude negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The U.S. government, pressed by business lobbies and their election spending, will ask … Continue reading