Messages across the Atlantic

Time: 03:07

Beginning with a stark piano line and declaratory vocal, “Messages” adds string instruments, drums and voices until it attains what I hope is a unique blend of rock and classical music. We made a conscious choice to exclude electric guitars. Heidi Boas sings the choral vocals in the post-crescendo dreamscape. I am often the sole seat lit in an otherwise dark plane somewhere over the ocean in the middle of the night. In those moments I confront dissatisfaction – and the sublime.


Bogotá 2009,
and a trans Atlantic flight to Brussels 2010

I may feel at last
In privacy of night.
A stoic failing
On a trans Atlantic flight.
And I dream of mortality and light
In the Sea of Tranquility tonight.

I passed up a rose, and
Lying in repose
Await the ends I

Gray regime
Presses on my spine.
Boys of Bogotá brandishing their knife.
And I dream of mortality and light.
In a sea of tranquility tonight.

The ends I chose are
Lying in repose
Await, awake
I Know.