Center for Artistic Activism Barcelona

Sagrada familia outsideAccess to medicines advocates from around the world recently gathered in Barcelona for a week-long seminar on the creatively persuasive arts. After a couple days’ lessons in history, neuroscience and organizing by the Center for Artistic Activism we took a day to imagine new directions, and a second day to put Barcelona Lotti sign edittogether a quick idea of our own. Our “Carnival of Life and Death,” a satire of Gilead Sciences, welcomed patients and visitors outside one of Barcelona’s major hospitals, near the waterfront and Gehry’s Olympic fish. I portrayed MC / Gilead CEO “John Dollar.” Gilead’s high prices for a new Hepatitis C medicine have combined with insurer callousness to produce treatment rationing. But together we are helping change that.

Barcelona Pete dance editBarcelona bowtieBarcelona shell game edit



Barcelona Shades

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Barcelona demo team


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