A ring around the Atlantic (second round)

Time: 05:34

The places I lived and visited as a young person, along the U.S. eastern seaboard, on the Caribbean and in West Africa and Europe, seem to form a circle around the Atlantic Ocean. I used to stand on shores and speak words across the ocean to friends. Ring II is a patient love song that arcs toward something larger. It began as a bass line written by my law school classmate Garrett Wright. It unfolds into one of the most musical songs on the record.

(second round)

*Written by Garrett Wright
and Peter Maybarduk

Hey, I’m always combing Lumley Beach
For abalones, artifacts and more
And I watch the tides the way I’ve watched your mood swing
And their constancy is comfort on the shore.

I’m living a ring around the Atlantic in rounds
And you’re living a life that’s too erratic to be sound.
And you ask me, “Are there ever second chances for two?”
Certainly, for those who do not mind to take a few.

Hey, I’m always culling Chincoteague
For taffy & shark teeth & things
I should have seen you long ago in the sea
In the secrets low tide reveals and the gifts high tide brings.

Good tidings, I’m a ring around the Atlantic
And we are bound to intersect
It’s a matter of mathematics we’ll be found.
Every person is a song who waits to be written, written down
And you’ve waited long for this duet
Because your judgment was never sound.

In the second round…

Are there ever, are there ever second chances in this life?
Certainly, for those who come to the coast another night.
Every person is a song who waits to be written, written down
Wait a bit longer for the coda I’ll come back around.

In the second round…