Peter Maybarduk at the RedGE office Lima October 16 — Our new songs are here! And they turned out beautiful. Download “Star Field Below” and “Meet Me in the Middle” on Bandcamp. Thank you for listening.

Read about our latest investigative collaboration with WikiLeaks, revealing new U.S. government proposals in a secret trade text that would put at risk many people’s access to affordable cancer treatment. Some brave people have stood up to one of the world’s most powerful industries. Their work will save lives.

Read my father’s letter in The Washington Post for a cost-efficient plan to curb ebola.

A ring around the Atlantic
CD cover of A Ring Around the Atlantic

By turns a world music album, field recording, and power pop showcase, A Ring Around the Atlantic is thoughtfully written and orchestrated and features the standout production value of The Magpie Cage’s J. Robbins. Maybarduk’s voice, breathy and soft, reminds me of Hey Marseilles’ Matt Bishop and Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis. His songwriting is thought-provoking without being pedantic, helped by the album’s relentlessly catchy hooks and strong backing musicians.

No Hay Pueblo Vencido
CD cover of No Hay Pueblo Vencido

We released No Hay Pueblo Vencido (No Defeated People) on March 19, 2009.
Vencido features kinetic electronic compositions, political rock and acoustic nueva canción, with the musical talents of producer J. Robbins, drummer Darren Zentek, vocalists Shawna Potter and Linsay Rousseau Burnett, pan flautist Marco Ovando and trumpeter Ronald Rollins.
In part, Vencido is a tale of the Americas; of people standing up for their dignity despite oppression. It’s also a personal story. Vencido tracks a dual narrative of social justice and personal evolution, and explores the relationship between them. In the words of Edward Abbey, Action is the antidote to despair.

CD cover of Passengers

Passengers, my first LP, is an introspective and primarily acoustic narrative recorded with J. Goody at Mega sonic in West Oakland, CA.
I made Passengers in 2006 under a routine of moderate solitude near the bay and trains. I recorded soundscapes from around northern California, linking songs together to hint at a unified story. Listeners can draw their own meanings from it, but I think the related themes of impermanence, travel and isolation, as both personal narrative and rising social illness, come through. I’m pleased to say it’s earned the affection of many careful listeners.

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Investigative Collaboration with WikiLeaks

Our program at Public Citizen has twice worked with WikiLeaks to pierce a veil of secrecy at major international economic negotiations and reveal draft rules that would compromise access to cancer treatment and other needed medicines, empower Monsanto against small … Continue reading

“A Neglectful Response to Ebola”

My father, Gary H. Maybarduk, has a letter in The Washington Post today, concerning what he considers to be the U.S. Government’s lost opportunity to respond in timely, effective fashion to Ebola in West Africa — and what we can … Continue reading

Music promo sheet

View Peter’s two-page music promotional sheet here.

@ Baked & Wired Georgetown

Next show: with Lara Eilhardt at Baked & Wired, a great coffee shop & space near the canal in Georgetown, Washington, DC, Friday, August 29, from 7-8:30pm. Free. We’ll preview a band I am putting together with Scott Charney, Emily … Continue reading