Duke at Hard Rock by JB croppedApril 2 — I have a stretch in Washington following the United Nations high-level panel on access to medicines in Johannesburg and IP Mosaic at Marquette University.

Thanks for catching Notaries Public at the Hard Rock Cafe. That was a wonderfully enjoyable show for us. Our songs “Meet Me in the Middle” and “Star Field Below” are available for download on Bandcamp.

At Public Citizen we are expanding our work to advance the open knowledge economy; a vision of the commons to support open access to educational materials, Internet user rights and data protection, clean technology transfer as a tool to combat climate change and access to the benefits of science and the arts for all.

The core of our programming continues to be improving access to affordable medicines. Years of work among partners in many countries forced the U.S. government to compromise in favor of public health in order to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, much to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical giants and their congressional allies. This is likely to save many lives. Read and watch more in The New York Times, The Washington Post, at WikiLeaks, on Democracy Now! and on our access program‘s web site. Public Citizen recently published this short profile of our program’s work.

Join Foday Mansaray and the stone mining kids of the Borbor Pain Charity School of Hope as we put Ebola behind and work to provide education for all.

A ring around the Atlantic
CD cover of A Ring Around the Atlantic

By turns a world music album, field recording, and power pop showcase, A Ring Around the Atlantic is thoughtfully written and orchestrated and features the standout production value of The Magpie Cage’s J. Robbins. Maybarduk’s voice, breathy and soft, reminds me of Hey Marseilles’ Matt Bishop and Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis. His songwriting is thought-provoking without being pedantic, helped by the album’s relentlessly catchy hooks and strong backing musicians.

No Hay Pueblo Vencido
CD cover of No Hay Pueblo Vencido

We released No Hay Pueblo Vencido (No Defeated People) on March 19, 2009.
Vencido features kinetic electronic compositions, political rock and acoustic nueva canción, with the musical talents of producer J. Robbins, drummer Darren Zentek, vocalists Shawna Potter and Linsay Rousseau Burnett, pan flautist Marco Ovando and trumpeter Ronald Rollins.
In part, Vencido is a tale of the Americas; of people standing up for their dignity despite oppression. It’s also a personal story. Vencido tracks a dual narrative of social justice and personal evolution, and explores the relationship between them. In the words of Edward Abbey, Action is the antidote to despair.

CD cover of Passengers

Passengers, my first LP, is an introspective and primarily acoustic narrative recorded with J. Goody at Mega sonic in West Oakland, CA.
I made Passengers in 2006 under a routine of moderate solitude near the bay and trains. I recorded soundscapes from around northern California, linking songs together to hint at a unified story. Listeners can draw their own meanings from it, but I think the related themes of impermanence, travel and isolation, as both personal narrative and rising social illness, come through. I’m pleased to say it’s earned the affection of many careful listeners.

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Notaries @ Hard Rock Cafe, Feb 26

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One Maybarduk

I have no words. Courtesy of Justin Mendoza and Siri Raasch. 

Northern India