On Service and Justice

The Office of Community Engagement at The College of William & Mary invited me to speak at the Active Citizens Conference this year, which gathered about two hundred students and faculty from a number of states. I spoke about the relationship between service work and justice work, drawing on my own experiences as a student at William & Mary and our more recent work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here are a few minutes from the conclusion of conclusion of my talk.  

Maybarduk Siddhartha on his raft – YouTube

Rachel Lewis, producer: Peter is a human rights lawyer by day and indie rocker by night, except for on the weekend–when he is “Siddhartha on his raft” LOL. This was such a blast to film. We skipped the expensive permit and instead made up some story about how this was for a sociology class. The police bought it and the rest was history. Take a look and let us know what you think.