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Peter Maybarduk, February 2014


Peter Maybarduk is a Washington, D.C.-based human rights lawyer and a songwriter. Watch him discuss COVID-19 treatment and vaccine access on CBS This Morning and Democracy Now! Listen to his fourth album, “Pacifica.”


Peter Maybarduk directs Public Citizen’s access to medicines group, which helps partners worldwide make medicine available and affordable for all. The group’s work has shaped laws and executive action in the United States and abroad and changed the course of international health and trade negotiations. Maybarduk and his colleagues helped organize the global movement for COVID vaccine access and have rallied support to expand vaccine manufacturing and technology transfer to developing countries.

Maybarduk has provided technical and strategic assistance to public agencies and civil society groups in dozens of countries since 2007. He has appeared frequently in major media including The New York Times, The Washington Post and international papers. He sits on the board of the Medicines Patent Pool, a United Nations-backed organization that negotiates licenses among drugmakers to expand global availability of affordable generics. Maybarduk is an intellectual property expert and affiliate fellow with the Information Society Program at Yale Law School. He studied technology law at the University of California at Berkeley and anthropology at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. Read Public Citizen’s profile of Maybarduk.

Songwriter | Performer

Maybarduk is a composer and performer of music. He has released four albums, the latest being Pacifica (2019), produced by J. Robbins. Maybarduk’s introspective songs span post-punk (Touched By Fire), electronic compositions (Siddhartha on his Raft), and songs that bridge classical and rock music (Messages Across the Atlantic). He writes about transience, dignity and meaning and arranges field recordings into his music. Several of Maybarduk’s songs have placed in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. View Peter’s music promotional sheet here.


Maybarduk was born in Mexico City on the 4th of July to an American social worker and a diplomat economist. His prior work includes ethnography in South America’s Orinoco river delta and organizing campaigns for voting rights and living wages. He is the co-founder of International Professional Partnerships for Sierra Leone (IPPSL), dedicated to supporting public sector development in one of the world’s least developed countries.

contact: maybarduk (at) gmail . com.

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