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Peter Lima demoOctober 2013: Click here for an article I wrote about our access to medicines work in Public Citizen News. “By providing analysis and building relationships to influence what goes on inside the secretive Trans-Pacific negotiations, Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program has transformed key elements of the discussion.”

Obama’s Trade Policy

Peter Maybarduk

Peter Maybarduk, Public Citizen Global Access to Medicines Program Director

Our program at Public Citizen strives to keep medicines affordable for people around the world.

Sometimes the influence of money in politics gets in the way. For the past three years we have been monitoring secretive trade negotiations which could compromise health interests. Last week, New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg published an editorial criticizing the harm these negotiations could do to efforts to curb youth smoking and tobacco-related deaths.

From leaked documents and relationships with negotiators, we know that unfortunately the US government has proposed some very harmful measures. Together with Judit Rius Sanjuan of MSF / Doctors Without Borders I wrote this letter, published in the New York Times, online and print edition.

Unprecedented campaign launched against pharma company | The Guardian

By Sarah Boseley as originally published in The Guardian
Sarah BoseleyThe multinational drug company Abbott is being targeted by health campaigners in a number of countries in a concerted campaign to try to break its monopoly on a valuable AIDS drug called Kaletra. …

Public Citizen in the USA is leading the charge, but campaigners in Brazil, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand, the Netherlands and elsewhere are all taking action – mostly by challenging Abbott’s monopoly in their own legal systems. One company is being challenged, over one drug, but Public Citizen believes the orchestrated attack has greater significance —>Continue reading

Banning the Vote | Alternet


All across the country, college students are being denied the right to vote in their adopted hometowns — effectively banning them from local politics.

Except their vote isn’t welcome in Brunswick, Maine. Or in Prairie View, Texas. Or, as a matter of fact, in Utica, New York. All of these college towns — and many others — have local statutes that limit students from establishing residency and registering to vote. Continue reading

Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicine Program

Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Programworks with partners worldwide to improve health outcomes and save lives, through use of pharmaceutical cost-lowering measures including generic competition. We help civil society groups and public agencies overcome patent-based and other drug monopolies. We assess new developments in policy and law, and work with coalition partners to promote game-changing ideas that advance pharmaceutical access and innovation simultaneously. Read more.