Sao Paulo

April 2006, Berkeley
For Ana-Carolina Zeri

We could maybe split the difference
Orlando & Sao Paulo.
These United States you know get oh so serious.

Before I lose myself to ambition
I’d ask your permission
To visit you down south.

Baby, I was born in Mexico City,
I have missed it so.
I have lived and died in the pavement north.
Can I come in from the cold yet? I have felt so old now
I have felt so old.

I have tried to make a difference
In this northern land.
Our power here is great.
But baby, here they just don’t understand
The world beyond their states.
And I am the unusual alien
For I look quite the same.

We are southern bells
Ringing in the sun
Weathered by belief
And colors of pastels
All along
Our dirty streets.

Yet for now I am still waiting
In the well-to-do, well-polished North
As silent as can be.

One day, babe, I’m coming back to your clear waters
And I’m giving this all up.

And we’ll sing in Portuguese
And smile
With the South.

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