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Journopalooza (102 of 543)Today is the solstice; shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, longest in the south. In Washington we are celebrating our festivals of lights. I am beginning again a practice of sharing music and ideas.

Here for starters is “Meet Me in the Star Field,” two songs I recorded with Notaries Public, plus Darren Zentek on drums and J. Robbins producing.

These are songs about showing up. Even if it means we fight with each other, even if it is intolerable; because we are connected and worth fighting for.

I appreciate that reminder at this time of year, as we sit with family or people to whom we are committed and who make us crazy. Love is in the struggle; in the process.

We may say the same of our societies, as one after another election drives us from connectedness and toward reasserting national or sectarian identities. We can and must fight. Yet a better future asks us for empathy. We do no service by dismissing each other.

I have reflected on whether it is sensible to continue to pursue art this way. I am 37 now. No one will tell me to do it. I have responsibilities and there is a cost to the pursuit.

I think, though, that making music and exploring ways to contribute beyond work are responsibilities of their own. The universe asks something deeper and particular of each of us. Ignoring it contributes to neurosis.

So I am showing up for a musical experiment, and if you are curious then I hope to offer new tracks every couple months. We are working now on a song called “All That’s Left.” With luck we will have it for you when the new U.S. government sits.

Until then, may we enjoy our paths out of the dark, and a mindful solstice. Thanks for listening. -Peter

P.S. — For those exploring year-end giving, consider the Borbor Pain Charity School of Hope in Sierra Leone.

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