Caught in a Lie

I feel like I’ve seen so much
24 karats or maybe years.
I’m sure I seem out of touch
With who you are, but give me my orders, I’ll fall in
Fall in.

I know you well enough
To know you’re never well.
And I’ve held you close enough to not care.
I’m not the only one
Who’s tried to make you whole.
And I’ve no illusions, only intentions
The best that we can bear.

Won’t be caught in a lie.

You know me well
I cannot lie to you
But maybe myself.
I’ve sold it well.

I caught myself in a lie.
I complicate you, and that’s the part
That I like least.
Love thyself, but who should thyself love?
We all want a piece of you
But you only want peace.

Won’t be caught in a lie.

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