Statues of Simón Bolívar

August 2004
Tucupita, Caracas and Mérida

Ever since the end of us
I’ve been talking, talking
To statues of Simón Bolívar
Who’s never asked me wrong or right.

And if I’d only surrender
To his clean swept marble steps
I could sleep before Simón Bolívar
For 360 more nights.

While I’m waiting for a word.

I’m waiting for a word.

Ever since I last stood before Bolívar
I’ve been working at a desk until I
Barely recognize my life.

Wrestling with the legacy
Of pointed words and staring eyes
And staring far too long in a mirror
In a harsh judgmental light.

Y me hace falta; me hace falta
I am missing something every night.

I’m looking for a light.

We’ve been quiet far too long
Your unquiet mind that questions right and wrong.
But if you’d hold me just this once and mean it
Under statues of Simón Bolívar
I could believe in you again.

In the dark I’ve fumbled
Past & present, future pain
Come clarity before Bolívar
I make the choice to change my life.

I’ll be in the plaza
Collecting courage for one more fight
I cannot count on talking to statues of Simón Bolívar
Statues of Simon Bolívar
If I’m to have you in my life.

And I don’t have the answers; I don’t have the answers
But I’d like to look together if we might.

I’m looking for a light
Together tonight.

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