Elizabeth La Paz

I believe in many things
But none here today.

With extravagance
Elegant at night.

From a high hotel
I watch colonial churches
And write our lives in a line.

For I’m looking from La Paz
At 12,000 feet
And it’s dry and cold.

Don’t we tire
We could write our entire lives in a line.
A single line.

11th floor
To the cobblestone
Lights in archways below.

I am so removed
At this altitude.
I’m looking from La Paz
We could write our lives
We could sacrifice
We could set the price
I know…..

We could write our lives in a line.

I was made
For darker days
A future vision
Things fall apart.

Remain unchanged
Four point restraint
I’m in opposition
And permanently marked.

We could write a life in a line.

The singer’s job
Is to entertain
But an artist tries to teach.
And the listener’s job
Is to listen well
To words as well as beats.

I cannot focus on the tedium
Creation beckons me.

And Elizabeth
I suspect
I’m becoming more
Than anything we’ve seen.

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